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Value of Present Time : Come to The Present



Value of Present Time

Resistance to not accepting the present Broke his old style of doing. Like this Make practice that focus your attention from past and future Bring it back, especially when it is not needed.

If present I find it difficult to enter directly Observing the natural habit of running away from the present Start it You will find that the future is often from the present Is thought good or bad. If the future is good So hope rests or is there an enjoyable wait.

Value of Present Time

If Worries if you look bad. Both of them are foolish. Self-awareness comes through introspection As soon as you realize that you are not present, present I am not, you come in the present. Whenever you want You can see, you are not trapped in its web.

One more The aspect has emerged — something that is not of the mind — the witnessing emotion. | When you see barley, neither analyze it and Oh no. Look at the thought, feel the emotion, Check the response Do not create a personal problem.

Then More powerful than what you have seen or tested You will have the experience of being – behind the topics of your mind Quiet, steady, supervisory presence of. Silent Sight When your self-perception is in crisis, your A challenge comes in life and it gives rise to fear Is things going wrong or someone from yesterday Complex feelings emerge.

In all these examples your There is a tendency to become unconscious. That response or momentum you Overcomes and you become the same. You that momentum As you behave. You want to prove it to be true, The rest is wrong, you attack, you defend – only Don’t think it’s not you, he’s a reactionary Instinct is a way to save the existence of the mind.

Once you realize that in the present What is the meaning of being, then you also realize that What does it mean to be in the present. Then for you time It would have been very easy to choose to come out of the aspect is. Then you can enter into the present and from deep.

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