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How To Over Come Fear : 4 Tips To Over Come Fear



How To Over Come Fear

How To Over Come Fear: No one can say that he does not feel scared but fear but the definition of conquering is – which causes fear, do the same thing. Most people own negative thoughts every day produced from “psychological terror”, that is, to feel ‘fear’ remains trapped. However, having a little fear is kind of cool,

because he wants to help you. Fear keeps you safe and sometimes prevents wrongdoing. Doing some work first, if you use fear, be warned of upcoming threats If you are prepared to deal with it, then it will only benefit.

But remember keep – As long as you dominate the fear, the situation is under control Will remain, but if fear starts dominating you, then this is the way to success will become the biggest stone.

Why do you feel scared?

Fear starts when you want to achieve something. If he is not found ?, this doubt is capable of creating fear. We Give birth to his own fear and let him dominate himself. Another big reason is comparison.

In mind when comparing to someone Fear starts to sit. The person did not reach the status of that person, Fear of going below the current level. What will people say if they fail? All the fears are ours and there is no truth in them. someone
Not afraid from outside. We are scared ourselves.

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Fear is One Danger Many

Fear not only prevents us from doing anything, but also deteriorates health
Affects Understand this in a scientific way – any horror Adrenal gland instills fear in the body as soon as the situation is encountered Contains two hormones – Adrenalin and cortisol.

Fear On sensation, these hormones spread to all parts of the body They spread. These hormones prepare you to fight or run away Huh. The amount of glucose in the blood increases. If fear lasts Repeated procedures affect health. Of fear Affects poorly and can cause depression.

Easy To Conquer Fear

Stop comparing yourself to others. Own characteristics Recognize and start working on them. Don’t think that What will happen if you fail? See what can be worse than bad. This is not the first time that no work should be done. Minor failures Learn to accept.

Want to start a business and a job If you are afraid to leave, then think that. – Try taking a break for 2 years what would be the maximum to do? Chance of success If it is there and if it is not available then another job can be done is. Years of experience and degrees are not being run away!

Fear Is Good

The more afraid of fear, the more powerful it will become. Fear like
There is a thief who can steal, but while stealing from someone When confronted, he runs away. Easiest to defeat fear the way is – do the same thing, which causes fear.

Afraid of heights Go high Do not be afraid to dream. If dreams don’t scare them not capable of being called dreams. Or is a dream scaring you? If yes, this fear is good!

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