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How to Live In The Present Moment



How to Live In The Present Moment

Experience all the resistance within us H or other form of negativity is. All negatives are resistance. Irritable or From impatience to intense anger, sedentary mind or unease From resentment to suicidal frustration.

All negative Is only Sometimes even minor incidents such as anger, May cause depression or depression. It is not that negativity does not work. Instead of attracting voluntary conditions, it emerges Prohibit from.

Instead of removing the involuntary condition he It lives Really only one of the negativity There is only utility and that is to strengthen our ego. That is why ego likes him. Once you get attached to some negativity So do not want to let him go.

And a deeper subconscious level But you do not want positive change. She is a seducer Yours as a discouraged, angry and obstinate person. Identity seems a challenge.

Live In The Present Moment

You again of your life Ignore positivity, deny it Will do damage this is madness. Look at any tree or animal and you will find it Let’s teach him to accept. Let him sincerely and Teach about totality – which means being one, To be true, to be real.

How do you want her to live and Let us teach you how to die and also how to live – Don’t make dying a problem. Many times in the negative momentum that emerges repeatedly A message is hidden, just as it is in illness.

Any changes that you make, in your relationships or you In the environment, all of that would be artificial, as long as it Not everyone is born with a change in your level of consciousness.

And as far as he is concerned, he has only one Meaning – To be more aware and live in the present. when Your awareness reaches a certain level, Then you have to know what is in your life situation Should, there is no need for negativity.

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