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Current Acceptance of Our Life



Current Acceptance of Our Life

When you are dedicated to that which is, so completely Become present, then someone in the past There is no power left. Soul gourd Lost due to mind, opens. Suddenly, a deep shock produces your difference In, a sense of eternal peace.

And inside that tranquility one There is great joy. And inside that joy is love. And There is purity in his deepest womb. Infinite, whose soul there is no name. When you get things and grow, then there is a cycle of success and when they fall apart,

Become different and give you new things to flourish They have to leave because of making space, or change You have to give up to bring, then the cycle of failure Has been.

Life Is Hard

If you resist at that time and Stick, it means that you flow through life You are refusing to flow with and you suffer. Decadence is necessary for new advancement. a circle. Cannot exist without the other. The downward circle for spiritual understanding Is absolutely necessary.

You failed at some level Or you may have experienced deep grief or loss. And therefore drawn towards the spiritual dimension Ho. Or maybe your success is empty and meaningless Became and so the failure was transformed into me.

Failure is hidden in every success and every failure Success in failure. In this world, which means At the level of Jhup, everyone fails at some time or the other Is and every achievement eventually becomes small. All Rs Are temporary.

Rules of Life

You still remain active, new forms and circumstances You can build them and enjoy them, but now You will not identify with him. You have the feeling But they are not needed. They are not your life – only Is your life situation. A cycle can last from a few hours to a few years is. A large cycle has many enlarged and smaller cycles.

As long as your mind is correct to any situation or Understands well, whether it is relationship, property, someone Social role, place or your physical body, mind Attaches itself to him and identifies with him It makes you happy, you have a good feeling about yourself And maybe what you are or what you think of yourself is Also become part of it. But in this dimension where termites and rust eat everything There is nothing left.

Either it ends or Then turns, or ga polar cup of change It happens. Same situation as yesterday or last year There was a kick, abruptly or slowly deteriorated. The situation which used to make happy before, is now unhappy. Growth The hollow of tomorrow becomes consumerism.

Or a situation disappears, so his Lack makes you sad When the situation Have attached themselves to, and thereby identify with, change If she goes, then the mind is unable to accept it.

She changes that Will hold on to the situation and resist change. As if An organ is being cut and thrown from the body. This means that your happiness and unhappiness Are exactly the same. Only time order separates them keeps.

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