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Xbox360 vs PS4 Controller : King of the Controllers



Xbox360 vs. PS4 Controller

Xbox360 vs PS4 Controller – who will reign king? We completely feel that there is a clear answer here, details provided:

King of the Controllers

Xbox360 vs PS4 Controller : Ever since the emergence of Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s XBOX 360. There has been an entertaining debate over which system has better peripherals, namely the ever-used controller. Many critics have argued that the PS3 Dual-shock remote is a classier, more elegant controller. That offers battery recharging and ease of use. However, I beg to differ that Microsoft’s XBOX 360 remote is by all means superior.

Controller Charging Issues

Xbox360 vs. PS4 Controller : Who really wants to charge their remotes? I mean c’mon!? I own the Xbox360 while my brother owns the PS4, and let me tell you, whenever I want to use his Playstation the god-damn controller is dead. Then I have to look for the power-charging cord, then I cant find it, then I don’t end up playing! Geez, never thought playing video games would be so difficult. The controller was actually dead – power cord was nowhere in sight and I literally couldn’t even play because of that. Even more so, when I did find the powercord, I had to sit about 2 feet away from my TV because the power cord isn’t any longer than that.

I bought a 30 pack of AA batteries for my XBOX controllers that I’m nearly half way through at the moment- batteries out? No problem, I swap them out in about 15 seconds. You can even buy a recharging kit for a small price – HEY, at least you have some options here. I also need to mention that the curves of the Xbox360 controller are much more appealing in my opinion. I immediately fell in love as it is truly a piece of ‘gaming art’. The grip is excellent, while the remote has a great feel of substance. The PS4 remote hasn’t changed since the emergence of the Playstation 3. Honestly, they could have done something to it besides make it even lighter and feel even crappier.

Xbox360 vs PS4 Controller Price

Xbox360 vs. PS4 Controller : Price wise, you could pick up a Xbox controller for ₹ 5,390.00, while the PS4 controller retails for ₹5,499.00. Sounds like a good deal to me. Of course you can always shop at one of our favorite sites like Flipkart or to try and find a bargain.

Historically speaking, we must say we are pretty disappointed with Sony here. The PS4 controller is almost completely unchanged since the inception of Sony’s last console, the PS3. Thank you Microsoft for listening to us gamer – you have truly perfected the shape of the controller, and we name you the Controller King!

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