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What Does The World Think About India?



Indians are everywhere in the world. Believe us Indians have won every heart. In the whole world, Indians have served people by becoming doctors and scientists, chefs, and more. Everywhere people are not the same, some people consider India as dirty, some are a developing country. Today in this article we will talk about what does the world think about India.

What does the Israel: think about India?

From 1947 till now, the relations between India and Israel were not very good, but from 2015 onwards the news of India and Israel’s relations started. PM Narendra Modi visited Israel in 2017. In 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu toured India for 6 days after Prime Minister stayed on him for 3 days. Since then, the relations of both countries are good. There is talk of their relations in the whole world.

What does Nepal think about India?

The borders of India Nepal are open to each other. People from both the countries can visit each other’s country without any restrictions, Can do business. In India, Nepali people get permission to work at Govt Place, whereas in Nepal it does not.

In this article, it cannot said that Nepal or all the countries of the world think well for India. Nepal was blockade in India for the 2015-2015, because of this people are very angry, many people have changed their outlook for India. India does not allow Bhutan to have relations with China. To say India is like Nepal’s elder brother, but there are many differences between the two countries.

What does Bhutan think about India?

The relations of Bhutan-India are good. Bhutan is a peace loving country. India is a big and special trading partner for Bhutan. 80% people of Bhutan like Indians because everything that is in Bhutan is made from the help of India. Bhutan is completely dependent on India. All the bhutani people there think that India is a powerful country and they are very happy that India helps them in every way.

What does China think about India?

At one point of time India-China had good relations. Both countries were good friends of each other.

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People of China know more about India from these 4 things.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi, had given a lot of emphasis to independence of India with “non-violence”, because of this, Chinese people still feel that the people of India are kind.
  2. India is also known in China because of the war on the Tibet border.
  3.  Intelligence in China is very strong, but Buddhism started from India because Mahatma Buddha was from India.
  4.  India is famous all over the world because of Bollywood movies. People like Bollywood Movies, especially the big Bollywood movie stars Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman Khan.

What does Pakistan think about India?

We all know about the history of India Pakistan. . The two countries do not get along with each other and this is because of the political peoples and terrorists. This is the reason that there is no reconciliation in both the countries, but the thinking of the youth of the two countries is different.

Youth wants India-Pakistan pact. There were many people from both countries hate each other. . Indian today has a bad situation in Pakistan. Some Indian Muslims also feel that India does not do well with them. A never ending war between the two countries is always going on.

What does Afghanistan think about India?

India Afghanistan friendship

90% of Afghan people like India. Indians seen as members of a family. Both countries have very good relations. Afghanistan knows that Pakistan does not want Afghanistan to develop. Pakistan wants them to keep the mercy of Pakistan under their control. India and Afghan people help Afghanistan in the same way, so Afghan people give a response to India. Afghan people also like Bollywood movies very much.

What does Iran think about India?

Many customs of Iran, Pakistan and India are similar. People of Iran get more information from TV. View of the Iranians is good for India. . Everyone’s thinking is that Indian loyal are living Colorful life. Any Iranian who has visited India, his thoughts are good for India. They believe that Indian youth is more intelligent and hardworking. With this, if we talk about Zoroastrianism and Hinduism, then it shows that both are the same. In both religious, it is believed that both Asura and Deva were Celestial Beings Both releases include burning incense at the time of prayers, chanting mantras.

What does Saudi Arabia think about India?

Saudi’s people like India very much. The people of Saudi love Indian food, Indian culture, Bollywood movies and movie stars. You will be surprised to know that Saudi people do not like other Asian people, but they like Indian people. Indians are preferred over other Asian countries.

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