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Team Leader Qualities : 3 Tips To Become A Good Leader



Team Leader Qualities

Team Leader Qualities: Most of the advice you can have regarding leadership today Listen, Nelson Mandela’s style was unlike him. They used to say, ‘Lead from the back’ means lead from behind and others let people feel that they are leading.

In it they give to others Focused on making leaders. They are from the African National Congress Be the president. He spent 27 years in prison and then diplomatic and ended apartheid prevailing in South Africa by peaceful means. He received the Nobel Prize and the title of the best leader of the twentieth century Also found.
By reading these three principles of leadership of Nelson Mandela You will realize how much their way of thinking Was different.

1. Don’t Stick To Your Principles

Often people say that on the principles that are decided once Stay firm But Mandela believed that the principle you I have learned, not necessarily grow up in other situations Be right If a theory is learned and adhered to it once in its lifetime If left then what is the need to learn more.

They this believed that the rules that you have made, if they are now If you are not able to complete, then put them in the dustbin. A leader Your Principle Makes Your Goals, Your Goals Your Not made for theory.

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2. Disagreement Does Not Mean Enmity

Nelson Mandela’s father often called sessions where everyone Could say their complaints. During this period how many insults If not, his father would smile and listen to those complaints Used to work out solutions. Nelson Mandela gets his father’s leadership Loved this method.

He freed from jail and had similar sessions Conducted. He believed that the art of listening inside the leader Should be No leader can always be right — neither People should expect this from a leader. Us others One has to rely on thinking and ability.

Team Leader Qualities

Leader should not listen to listen, to understand that Must listen. You don’t necessarily have to talk to others about everything Agree, but you don’t even have the right to disagree with them Can be snatched.

Insulted if someone spoke against you Do not feel, someone refuses to listen to your advice If given, do not consider it your enemy.

3. Take Steps Even if Condemnation

Nelson Mandela during his prison days with a lot of white jailers Made friendship. His supporters were very angry about this, but Yet Mandela believed that the reason for his friendship with the jailers All his colleagues get better conditions in prison, Therefore, it is a big goal.

Whenever you take a big or important decision, no one Somebody will be angry somewhere. Some leaders ‘decision-making paralysis’ Fall prey to it, because it does not offend or dissatisfy anyone Want to do Real Leader Some people for doing the right thing Don’t care about resentment of

The most beautiful thing about Nelson Mandela’s leadership was That they always looked, what I and the front agreed on Huh. It is possible that both of them agree on two things out of 10, But they would have befriended him on the basis of two agreements Were.

They used to say that if agreeing on two things, if those two issues But even if some progress is made, it is victory. Whenever you progress to leadership, Nelson You will definitely miss these three principles of Mandela.

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