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On-page SEO Guide : Learn On-page SEO Quickly




On-page SEO guide: Hello Friends In this post, we will learn about how to do On-page SEO of any website. While doing On-page SEO, what should be kept in mind? and this post we will know what are the benefits of On-page SEO.

Important Things that you should do in On-Page SEO

1. Use keywords in the post title and meta description.

In every post on the website, you should use the post main keyword in the title and meta description. Try to make sure your keyword is at the beginning of the Title. Make the Title of the post attractive with the keyword, but do not force it into the keyword Tittale more than 2 times.

2. Use Internal and External Links in Post

In your post, also make links to posts other than your website. use Must Read or Also Read with Internal Link in your post. In this way, add a link to any other website/blog in your post. This way, giving a link to another blog in your post is called external linking.

3. Use keywords in H1 and H2 Headings

The title of the post is H1, while other subheadings you can use are H2 or H3. When Google uses keywords in the H1 and H2 of the post, Google crawls them, this helps your post to rank. In the last paragraph in the post, also do the keyword once.

4. Use keyword in Post URL

Must use the keyword in the post URL. That helps the post to rank on that keyword. Try to make the post URL not too big, try to keep the short URL.

5. Image optimization For On-page SEO guide

Use one or more images in a post. Before uploading the image in the post, compress the image, and reduce its size. With this, the size of your post image will be small, and it will be uploaded in the post quickly, due to this, the user does not have a problem in seeing the image.

You can use to compress the image. There are also plugins for compressing images in WordPress, you can also do them. Use the keyword of the post in the image alt-tag. All of these will improve your post-on-page SEO.

These are the some On-page SEO guide that you can use in your post.

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