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NAEMD Event management Institute : NAEMD is the first institution in India to offer recognized university degree and diploma courses in event administration from GICED University of Mumbai. Includes its students in the fields of accounting, public relations, economics, tourism, law, etc. with primary and specialized theories and techniques.

The NAEMD, a self-employed institution to teach event management, was born with the media’s immense help (print & satellite), the event industry, entertainment, and students.

The Institute has deeply influenced the Event Management profession in India. The excellent curriculum and methodology for teaching have created mega knowledge of events and event management in India.

The only students who taught technology to establish event firms are NAEMD students. NAEMD has a laboratory, new learning facilities, a comprehensive, advanced Event Collection (in India’s most extensive Event Collection), and a wide variety of virtual Activities.

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What is Event Management?

Evening management involves individuals, teams, and groups, preparing, organizing, running, and arranging. The program’s fundamental goal is to teach students to evaluate, commercialize, manage, and operate a company effectively. Although there are no outstanding or accredited credentials relevant to event management competence, different universities offer brief diploma courses in event management.

An event planner should have good faith and composure for successfully organizing activities, management experience, and muscular coordination and experience. Management of events requires good creative skills, and event planners are responsible for designing diverse formats for events such as wedding collections, seminars, university ceremonies, concerts, etc.

Career Event Management includes aspirants to design, prepare, and coordinate an event that may consist of a political rally, an award-winning competition, exhibition, fashion show, etc. When an event is held, the target crowd must be identified, the theme of the event determined, logistical schedule prepared, and invitations submitted for the event to be arranged.

Event Management is a profession of incredible imagination, and applicants need to have outstanding leadership skills and work weird and long hours to perform in this area. Career event management includes management of staff, aside from support and logistical care.

Event management is used as part of mass communication courses offered in Indian undergraduate studies by the most famous schools. Afterward, aspirants at the master level may follow elaborate programs in specialization in event management.

Here are listed some essential skills required for event management :

As an area in event preparation, applicants must work several days and expand their boundaries at all levels. Below are some necessary skills which you need to be effective in the event management course :

  • Event Management involves continuous contact with partners and consumers, so strong communication skills are required.
  • Besides, leadership and decision-making skills are also crucial in this area, so management would need to direct their teams to carry out their tasks carefully.
  • You can also have organizational and time management talents, which are useful in handling staff, suppliers, roads, etc.
  • The passion for productivity is another attribute that comes in handy. Having the team focused on delivering the highest performance, this plays a significant part.

Eligibility Criteria for NAEMD Event Management Course :

Apart from the approved institution with a minimum aggregate of 45%, candidates wishing to gain admission to event management courses offered at universities in universities at the UG level should have cleared up their 10 + 2. Most colleges also state that if they want to undertake an event management course, all applicants must be fluent in Hindi and English.

Besides, applicants from accredited universities should be so qualified that they earned passing certificates at the graduate level to obtain access to PG courses offered in the area of event management. Candidates from either stream will follow a PG level course in event management, but we recommend aspirants with a background in mass communication.

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For Graduate degree course :

After completing class 12 with at least 50 percent marks, you will apply for BBA and BA courses in event management.

The admissions are made based on the results of the Class 12 Examination Board. However, as part of the screening process, individual colleges will take a simple test of aptitude.

For postgraduate diploma, certified and diploma courses :

  • Such courses will bring value to your CV, although you qualify for a degree in event management courses in class 12, at 45 to 50% if you are a graduate.
  • After completing a degree (any field) with at least 50 percentage points, you can apply for the PG Diploma.
  • Additional checks like CAT, MAT, CMAT, etc. are used to admit PGDM and PGPM systems.

For Postgraduate degree course :

  • You must have earned at least 60% combined grades to qualify for these classes.
  • To qualify for these courses, no particular specialization at the graduate level is required. However, you can get great colleges as well as jobs with experience in the business.
  • Admission is based on admission tests approved by the appropriate Institute, the management admission test. CAT, CMAT, SNAP, MAT, etc.

Options for profession and opportunities for jobs

Event management has increased in importance and is one of the newest branches of administration. Although this sector is mostly perceived as a division of the public service industry, it has won the demand and produced many jobs for candidates. After attending publicity, PR, and Business Relations classes, applicants will also go on event management.

There is a range of organizations that employ specialists in project management to produce significant and small events. There are different positions that applicants may apply for, whether in the television, communications, or advertisement sectors.

Work Profile & Best Recruiters Event Management :

Following an event management course, aspirants may start following any of the following career profiles:

The planner of events:

One is liable to prepare all the specifics of a case in such a work profile. The event maybe dinner, a business event, or a wedding. A plan of an event from the subject, logistics to budget, is generated by an event planner.

The administrator of Events:

In this work profile, you are responsible for every part of the event you plan for your customer. An event planner’s responsibilities vary from creation, preparation, coordination, and implementation of an event.

Event Organizer :

A trade fair organizer’s work description is similar to an event planner. The critical distinction is that a promoter is organizing and conducting fairs and exhibits.

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