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How To Get Good Marks : 13 Best Tips for for Successful Exam Preparation



How To Get Good Marks

How To Get Good Marks? : Only two-decades ago, only 80-90% marks were selected used to be able to get it, but now getting this number Has been made “necessary”. And the government or school did not do this, rather some parents have put pressure on the children that the low number
If you bring, how will you proceed? They are told that,

Be ambitious and pass the highest score.

Parents Forget that as the competition increases, so much in the spirit of jealousy will only increase. It should always be remembered that under pressure children are surrounded by internal.

They are suffocated and confused Go. The result is that due to anxiety and stress, Adrenalin and
the level of hormones called cortisol is greatly increased and Students start getting depressed.

At the moment, the hour of examination is in front. At such a time the routine gets affected a lot. ,any students time management Are ignorant of the art of Are surrounded by mental trauma. Students should
live up to parents’ expectations and score more.

Stay away from pressure to bring. They should just keep in mind that their
prepare the subject well and answer the questions with diligent
Write. Scores do not determine how your intellectual level is and
Examination results do not change the direction of life.

How To Get Good Marks?

At the time of examination it is necessary that.

  • Read aloud. Only then will the course make sense.
  • Create a timetable. Set appropriate time for each subject.
  • Many times students study through guide books. Even in a short time
    Trust the textbook, cover important topics first.
  • Whatever the time, if you study it in a systematic way
    There will be maximum utilization and results will be good.
  • Planned preparation will boost confidence
    And of course it will be possible to give the exam well.
  • Do not go for an empty stomach examination. Eat something and then
    Get out of the house for the exam only.
  • have a good sleep. Avoid excessive intake of tea and coffee. by this
  • There may be acidity problems.
  • Take protein rich food. In this way, there will be elation in the body.
  • Keep drinking water for a while during the exam, so that you do not sleep come and get rid of the problem of restlessness.
  • Do not panic if you do not understand something after seeing the paper. Such Perform deep breathing (breathing and exhaling) while in position.
  • Class X is important in terms of career, but this
    Not even the last rung, in such a way of success and failure
    Do not let the burden dominate you.
  • Dizziness during exams, frequent washrooms, muscles Pain-spasms, confusion, irritability, headache, low blood pressure, If there are problems in the body, contact the doctor immediately.

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