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Do Not Do These 4 Things In Depression



Do Not Do These 4 Things In Depression

Do Not Do These 4 Things In Depression: Is it possible to avoid stress? Until i think We are impure, it is not possible to avoid stress and stress free Finding life is also a great stress in itself. Yes stress us Do not harm too much, it is possible. Some mistakes for It is important to avoid:

1. Cut off from the world

When people are depressed or negative then in isolation Let go and stop beating others while doing so Is not right. The choice of solitude to solve tension People get so much stress that they are harmed Take a moment.

Meet more people at that time instead Go to places where meditation can be shared. Talk to such people Do those who are excited. If there is a disease, then it Do not hide and sit in the house, rather get out and with such people Meet those who have defeated diseases.

2. To avoid stress, constantly keep silent

A lot of people don’t want to worry and stress, calling Keeps suffering. It is frequent in the home and the workplace. Tight Wrong initiative, made fun of by co-workers, teacher in the sun People suffer from incidents like frequent taunts for years. Only Negative situations due to not wanting to dispute To accept, to be unhappy and still not to say anything, to happiness Is the way to end.

This does not mean that you are aggressive Have to be. There was also a way between being aggressive and being overbearing Is where you clearly tell someone that I like it No and I should not be treated like that. You stand for your needs, desires and your principles Occur.

If you do not want to be a frequent punching bag then bear Instead of being silently clear Keep it To avoid stress, you constantly suffer, but The same big tension builds and bursts within you. Feel like crying If you cry, do it if you want to get angry, but more Stop suffering.


3. Intimidating Yourself

Do Not Do These 4 Things In Depression

Under stress, a person talks negatively to himself. That tension Enlarges inside the brain and increases its own problems Takes. Under stress you make yourself like a dustbin And take the worst of possibilities, thoughts bashing themselves,

To fill oneself with the idea of ​​harming others or others
The more negative thing you do to yourself in moments of stress, If you used to do the same things with someone else, maybe your world There is not a single friend.

If you give yourself negative feedings Then how will positive things come out? Talk to yourself in moments of stress, like outside You will do it with a person of repute. A motivational speaker and As business coaches we give advice to others like ourselves In case of stress.

You should be neutral and give advice in the same way. Let’s try. This is called a third party effect you Treats like an outsider. Of stress Good morning, read well, listen and keep yourself in charge.

Do Not Do These 4 Things In Depression

4. More focus on stress management

In the name of stress management, you can take every moment Let’s think more about the same. When some people are stressed Munna bhai’s Boman laughed like Irani and some people Let’s count down. With such shortcut solutions to stress Work on sources.

If this has happened due to someone, then talk if it is due to some incident then face it. reason As long as it continues, tension will keep coming. Most of stress management Big way, thinking possibility, considering those possibilities To eliminate stress-causing causes.

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