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Best off-page SEO Techniques In 2020



off-page SEO Techniques

off-page SEO Techniques: Hello Friend, to increase the domain authority score and to bring traffic to the website we do on-page SEO. SEO’s full form is Search Engine Optimization. If you do off-page SEO of your website, then the rank of the website is boosted in Google or any search engine, and traffic comes to the website. 

Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

In this post, we will talk about off-page SEO and learn how we can do off-page SEO. Whenever we do website off-page SEO, it boosts the authority of the website in Google or any search engine, and Ranking of the website increases the DR score, and quality traffic also comes to the website.

Learn off-page SEO Techniques

Guest Posting

In the guest posting, we publish the post on the website niche, similar to your website. In the guest posting, we give below related information, along with this, we give a link to the website in the guest post stating about your website in the post. 

Blogging has a lot of competition in 2020. A lot of bloggers no longer allow guest posting on their website. Some bloggers charge money for guest posting. If you want to do guest posting, then you will have to search such websites which allow guest posting for free and also have good DR score.

When a guest posting on a website with a high score, your website also benefits from this. You need to write a high-quality article and submit it to a guest post on a website with a high DR score. With this, your website will rank top among search engines.

Social Media Engagement

You can submit your website on these popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and make sure that profile linking is done. Do not forget to put the social media share button on your website, you get quality backlinks from social media.

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Social Bookmarking Sites

Submit your website to social bookmarking sites, but check the social bookmarking site’s spam score before submission. If the bookmarking website has a large spam score, do not submit the site on it. You get traffic and high-quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites. Below we are giving you the information on some popular bookmarking sites, you can submit your site.


Blog Comments

Make a blog comment on related websites on your niche. When you create through backlinks of comments, Google Bots crawls that link. That lets Google know that the link points to your website. You get traffic from blog comments, although blog comments can be no-follow links, commenting on blogs is a very important part of off-page SEO.

Forum Posting

You have to search for forum sites related to your post niche. Join Related Communities of your niche. Create a profile on forum postings sites and try to reply to threads. In forum posting, you have to be active and replying to queries, in which you have to provide a link to your site along with the information. It is not necessary that you share a link to your site in every thread, but stay active and give the correct information. This makes your good reputations and you also get do-follow backlinks.

Search engine submission

Do submit your website on Bing and Yahoo, besides Google. You also get good traffic from Bing and Yahoo. In some countries, only Bing and Yahoo are used to do it, so from search engine submission, you will also get traffic from other countries.

Image Sharing

we use images in our post. In image sharing, you have to share those same images on image sharing sites. This image also ranks in Google image, from which you will get traffic.

Popular image sharing sites

  • Pinterest
  • Picasa
  • Photo bucket
  • Flicker
  • Reddit
  • Tumbler

Video Submission

Like image sharing, you have to submit a video. If you have a business or have a tutorial website and have your own videos, you can submit them on the video-sharing sites.

Popular video submission sites

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion

Local Listing

You should also submit your website to local directories. If your site ranks in the locally top, then from this you will get large traffic and you will not have to do global competition either. In Local Lessings, you can submit your site on Local Classifieds, Google Local, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Listing Sites.

Article submission

Write short articles of 300 to 500 words and post them on some popular article submission sites. You create a blog on free platforms like Blogger, WordPress, submit that article and provide a link to your site. With this, you will also get do-follow backlinks and you will also get traffic.

Popular Article submission sites

  • Ezine
  • Go article
  • Now public
  • Bloglovin

Question And Answer

The answer to all your queries is found on the Internet. Ever wondered how?

Everyday people do queries on the Internet. If you want, you can answer those questions. If you have any questions related to your niche, then must reply to it and answer it. With this people will consider you as an expert in that niche and they will also visit your blog.

Popular Question And Answer

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Google Question And Answer

These are the some off-page SEO Techniques that you can use in your website off-page SEO.

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