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Best Gifts For Parents : Make Them Happy



Best Gifts For Parents

Best Gifts For Parents : Once a doctor reported an incident. They said that a young person had a liver failure at an early age. The transplant could have saved lives, but no one in the whole family could he was not ready to give half his liver. Only his mother, whom he was not with me for many years, telling me again and again.

You take my liver, but save my child. At that time I cannot forget the expressions on the face of that young man. Often I think we should get our parents Makes sense when we ourselves become parents.

If you have parents You are lucky This way, for them, we should do as little as we can Will, but I am talking about six small gifts. if you can give them to your parents, my writing will be successful.

1. Start the day by touching your parents feet every day

If you live near parents, then you can definitely do this. No problem with ‘Hi Dad’, ‘Hi Mom’, but with it If there is a mixture of culture and respect, then how beautiful life is Go! Often, people say that touching a foot is ridiculous. I am highly educated and move around the world, I don’t think
It is wise to give up your good habits.

2. A few hours every week just for them

Are you gossiping with parents one day a week Can sit patiently and listen to them, with them Can have fun? After a time they do not want your presents, they need you. And Yes, keep your mobile off at this time.

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3. Go to their choice

You roam around the country and abroad, but every year your parents
Go for a walk with me. For you as a child Left all happiness He went to such places because of you Did not like to go where.

He went to a crowded place, park Gone, in the evening they ran behind your bicycle, they every Worked that you are happy. it’s your turn now. Business And career is not only life, there should be balance in life.

4. Give a gift of their choice

They made all the cuts in his life, so that you have a wonderful life Now even if they have everything, still Surprise them. A gift of their choice at least once a year please give at least once.

Do not think that my savings will be reduced Or there will be additional expense. By this, your children will also receive sanskaras.

5. Also donate money to charity

Over time, they have a desire to Help our age trapped in. Society, community, servants Give something from your side, but do not have to ask for it again and again. you can keep a small fund for them, which they can free Can use anywhere. There will be no question about it.

6. Pledge not to disrespect

When people insult elders in the name of generation gap, So there is a lot of trouble. You have the right to disagree, Not to be insulted. You have the right to have a different opinion, disrespect not of Take a pledge that you will maintain their values ​​in any case.

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