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Car Safety Tips for Driving (35 Best Car Safety Tips )



Car Safety Tips

Buy safe

Car Safety Tips : Don’t believe just the sales pitch. Before you buy a car, do a quick check on that company brochure for these.

  •  A collapsible steering column. In an accident, a rigid column can go into the driver’s chest. 
  • Side impact beams. These are fitted within the door therefore the passenger cage remains safe. ►
  • Back windscreen wiper. Get it fitted if the car doesn’t come with one.
  • Air Bags. they are doing cost more but are proven to save lots of lives even at 30 Kmph
  • ABS. The anti-lock braking system h in case of helps you to seer away in case of an accident, so your wheels don’t lock. It also reduces the risk of collisions with pedestrians.
  • Enhanced ground clearance. Look at a 140-150 cm clearance. This prevents un-necessary bumps to the car.
  •  ESP. The electronic stability program is a computerized system for stability that helps you retain control of the car in case of a mishap, by acting in conjunction with the various parts, including ABS and the steering wheel. It’s a good idea to opt for this if you drive along highways and in poor conditions (bad roads or weather) regularly.
  • International norms. Since Indian norms for safety don’t seem to be stringent, it is best to shop for a car that’s being sold in Europe (they’ve the strictest regulations) and other developed countries.
  • Experience. Car companies that are building cars for some generations have more experience, hence are more likely to be better built.
  • Weight a light car (less than 1,000 kg) might not be as safe as something over. whether or not you would like to compromise on fuel efficiency, it’s going to be a decent idea to make that investment.

Safety Tips for Driving

 If you already own a car, do check for these for Car Safety Tips.

  • Have your car serviced as per the company guidelines.
  • Pay special attention to the brakes. You need to specifically ask your service center to look at them, or they may not.
  • Fix even the little things—indicator, or rear view mirrors, for instance—these are features BO put in for safety. 
  • Avoid putting in any It redo ‘accessories’ or after-market add-ons, like car stereos, central locking systems, even CNG kits. Fires are often caused when the electrical system isn’t wired properly by your local car mechanic
  • Skip seat covers too. Skip seat covers too. Cars are designed with anti-submarine seats(extra padding in front), which make sure that the driving force and co-passenger don’t sneak in the event of a collision. Car seats are designed to repel dust and dirt, unlike a canopy you get. Dry-clean your seats whenever you’re taking it for a service instead.
  • Say no to the bull bar. it’s going to save your car from some dents but compromises safety. it’s bolted on to the structure of the car, hence weakens it. you will find yourself hurting some other person within the case of a crash. it’s going to also come right into you on impact. Cars are designed in a way in which the inner structure rigid and the outer shell takes the shock.
  • A bull bar doesn’t allow for the vehicle’s crumple zones to do their job of crumbling, so the impact is absorbed elsewhere—by the people within the car. 
  • Check the seat belts. The bar has a life of 15 years. If something is, get it fixed. Back seat belts are often not used and may malfunction when they are needed.

Car Safety Tips When driving

  • Drive with headlight, Fog lamps in India, an unlit, ornately not built like they keep to low beam and drive slow (not over 30 km in foggy weather). 
  • Make sure your spare tire is in good condition always. Fill air every month, to keep it ready for an emergency. 
  • Always fill into cold tires and follow the directions on the sticker under the door of the driver’s seat. Low air pressure causes bursts on the highway, all too common in India. It’s a good idea to keep a gauge at home, especially if you’re driving long distances regularly. 
  • Don’t place anything on the dashboard (car perfumes, decorative items), as these could cause damage in case of an accident—they’re like projectiles and you never know where they are headed.
  • Avoid multitasking—putting on make-up, holding food with one hand and the steering wheel with the other, talking on the mobile, so on. 
  • Do use seat belts — even those in the back seat, especially if you have airbags there. Seat belts prevent people from being thrown around within and out of the car in case of an accident. Studies show that e slow (not they reduce the risk of fatal injury in the front seat by 45%.
  • Do use all the 3 rear view mirrors. 
  •  Don’t smoke in the car—besides, forcing passive smoking on everyone else, you don’t know what you’ll do ifs and your cigarette falls on the carpeting.
  • Drinking and driving is not okay. Alcohol impairs your attention, firsts on the vision and coordination increasing in India. It’s the risk of accidents. The Permissible alcohol limit for driving under the Indian law is 0.03% BAC (blood alcohol concentration), one of the lowest in the world. 
  • 25. Even then, remember, no decorative amount is safe when you are driving. The damage Studies show that even at 0.02% BAC (about 1 glass of wine), there is some loss of judgment in being able to track a moving target. At 0.04% BAC and 0.05% BAC your coordination gets worse, your steering is poorer and your response not well coordinated to an emergency on the road 

If you have a child – Car Safety Tips

  • Ask Your car company to fix a child seat rather than doing It yourself. Kids go from rear-facing car seats to forward-facing car seat then booster seats till the seat belts fit. the belt should sit across their laps and run across their chest, not cutting into the neck.
  • Don’t let a child sit on your lap if you’re in the driver’s seat — no, not even from the house to the gate. Kids should be in the back seat, not in front, especially if you have airbags. These are made to deploy into the chest area, so may just explode into a child’s face. 
  • Put the child lock on, especially in cars that can be opened even when the central locking system is on.
  •  If your car has a sunroof, remember it’s against the law and extremely dangerous for your kids to be standing up with their heads out. 
  • If your baby is sleeping in the car seat, resist the temptation to leave him there, even for a minute or 2 to pop out for groceries or to the ATM. 
  • When you’re not with your child, ask him not to stand behind a car, as he may be out of the line of vision of the driver.
  • Even if you are pregnant, wear the seat belt.

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