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5 Big Tasks You Should Never Do In The Morning



Tasks You Should Never Do In The Morning

5 Big Tasks You Should Never Do In The Morning : Morning is considered to be the most productive time of the day is. If you use morning correctly So your every day can change in two days. Five tasks to get you such a powerful day Will have to leave.

These are the works which any ‘achiever’ does not do in the morning. Doing this work will not be known
Kickback day gone bad and productivity over If you want to become a VIP in life, then the same habits Have to adopt.

1. Never Make ‘To Do List’ In The Morning

Many people are proud that we wake up in the morning to do list, while doing it in the morning, your mind The calendar moves towards pressure, deadline and work. morning It is time to feel bliss. Enjoy the beauty of nature Take, thank God, give yourself time. morning Chat with children before going to school,

if possible Give some time to prepare. Talking to parents Do, spend time with your spouse. What morning crusher Let’s work like an ox! When feet from the door of the house Take out, work should start from that time. Agenda or ‘to Do’s list should be made one night in advance. What happens throughout the day If there is a mess, it will also be audited.

2. Do Not Meet Any Negative Person

If you have that negative person in your house too, then in the morning Do not talk about any important topic. Morning walk, gym, temple, Children’s bus stop – Keep distance from negative people everywhere.

These Negative people are like a drop of color in a bucket of water, they Put in any corner, the whole water becomes colored. If save the day If it is, then save the morning. Will not meet any negative person in the morning So the whole day will go positive. Your battery as soon as you get such people Discharge it. They also enjoy doing so.

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5 Big Tasks You Should Never Do In The Morning

3. Leave Tea or Coffee

Friends, many hormones like cortisol are produced in the body in the morning, Which create your mood and increase energy. If you have morning If you take some tea and coffee, these hormones do not work properly and Their effect is reduced.

Acid is produced in the body overnight, In the morning again, we add more acid to the body in the form of tea and coffee. Have tea and coffee after eight o’clock. Eat fruit first thing in the morning And let the body hormone work. If the day is to be extended lay down some tea and coffee in the morning.

4. Don’t Think About The Problem

If you think of problems as soon as you wake up in the morning, then meditate Will go to a person or event that you are sad from within Yes, it will make the mind go in the past. You sad and disappointed Will become, feel like a victim.

You present Or the people of the past will remain in place of the future, so in the morning Let’s always start powerful. Morning occasions, helpers and Think about the possibilities

5 Big Tasks You Should Never Do In The Morning

5. Do Not Use Social Media

This is a very difficult task. Most people get used to sleep- Hand over mobile as soon as you get up. Morning: WhatsApp, Facebook, With the use of Insta, all your attention is shifted to the outside world. is. Politics, gossip, rumor, waste jokes eat your time Let’s take it.

In this round, you stay in bed for 20-25 minutes Go and fill your mind with a lot of things in the morning
goes. After using so much social media, the real your brain is tired even before you start work. Research According to this, the fibers of the brain can only accept information to a certain extent.
Huh. After that both their ability to absorb and the power of influence
Only decreases. Every morning if you want to make the morning powerful
Read positive books, watch inspiring videos, visionaries
Spend time together.

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